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This is me, Jared.

I’m an outdoor lifestyle photographer from the United States & available for hire worldwide. I enjoy spending my time exploring new places. Visit my online shop to purchase prints from my travels.

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Experimenting with some new stuff. I hope everyone is having a great week!Horseshoe Bend
#jaredburnett #ExploreToInspire
🌎🌑☀️Today’s Solar Eclipse shot from Louisville, Kentucky. What did you think of the eclipse?  #ExploreToInspire #jaredburnett
When in the south west United States it's awesome to take a break from the sand and rock formations to witness a forest of white trees. Taken near the Grand Staircase Escalante. 🌲
Is anyone shooting anything exciting this weekend?
#ExploreToInspire #jaredburnett
Happy Tuesday! What place would you like to visit in the next 6 months? 🏜🏞🌄🏔🌌 #ExploreToInspire #jaredburnett
It's hard to beat sunsets on the Oregon coast 🌅Who is your favorite person to watch the sun set with?#ExploreToInspire #jaredburnett
Long way to fall! 🏞🌲This photo was taken from the woods of Mount Rainier National Park where you can find beautiful mountains and lush waterfalls despite the cold climate. If you ever visit here, try to pick a time when there is no fog so you can see the mountains and trees making up the landscape.#jaredburnett #ExploreToInspire 🏔🏕
Beautiful sunsets on the coast #jaredburnett #ExploreToInspire
Sunsets at the Grand Canyon are unparalleled. Watching the colors of the rocks beneath you change colors right before your eyes is an awe inspiring experience. As the sun slowly hits the horizon all hues shift to blue before darkness quickly overtakes the sky.
Where is your favorite place to watch the sun set?#ExploreToInspire #jaredburnett
Valley sunset from under Double Arch in Arches National ParkHave a great weekend! 🌄
Hiking in Mount Rainier National Park. What's your favorite National Park?#ExploreToInspire #jaredburnett


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Thomas Gutches

“Jared’s vision as an artist does not go unnoticed here at The Artery Foundation. His skills are very unique, & whenever I personally get the opportunity to work with Jared, I jump at it, eager to receive his photos & help share his art with the world.”

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